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  1. Hello,

    Please consider to submit your site to our directory at by reciprocal system and if possible also link our new site and tell me by mail.



  2. Hello!

    This is in regard to a proposal for link exchange with our site.

    To visit our site, log on to It is a Cricket based fantasy game site, specially designed keeping in view the forthcoming IPL (Indian Premier League). If you are interested towards this reciprocal link building system with our site, please do respond.

    Hope, you accept our proposal. Awaiting your positive response.


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  4. Hi,

    I have added you in my blogroll and would be happy if you do the same from you side.

    My blog is at

    Also, would be happy if you change one of your bloglink which is to as forum has been moved.

    Thanks all the way…. added you in hotmail also

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  6. Hi, I saw your call for writers. Can we discuss this? You can email me at v.m.minerva at gmail dot com.

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