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Jimmy Adams Interview

Past Point exclusively spoke to ex-West Indian captain Jimmy Adams.

Past Point: You’ve played club cricket all your life and for an international captain that’s quite unusual, why? Will you be playing any club cricket in the future?                                                              

Jimmy Adams: When I was touring during the winter months with the West Indies, I did not want to then play every day for another 6 months. Club cricket allowed me a bit of competitive cricket on weekends but with enough time during the week to explore other interests. I do not see myself playing club cricket in the future.

PP: What was it like being 2nd to Don Bradman after your 1st 12 matches with 1,132 runs at an average of 87?

JA: I was happy to be contributing to our international efforts at the time.

PP: It must of been frustrating when you were injured in the middle of the 1990’s, do you think this effected your game?

JA: I don’t think it had to much of an effect outside of keeping me out for about 7 weeks.

PP: Being captain of the West Indies must have been a massive honour, what was it like and do you think you were a good captain? And also being captain after Brian Lara must of put pressure on you.

JA: It was an honour to be asked to captain our international team. I think I did a fair job given the players avaliable. I didn’t feel any more pressure for having captained after Brian.

PP: You played county cricket for Nottinghamshire and you also played South African state cricket which was the more appealing and which was a better standard?

JA: I enjoyed both environments with the standards being roughly similar.

PP: You’re currently commentating for Sky Sports was this something you wanted to do after retirement from the game?

JA: I can’t say that I planned it while I was playing. It has sort of worked out this way.

PP: The standard of West Indies cricket at the moment has been publicised a lot recently what do you think of it? Do you think all of the criticism is unfair? Also what do you think the future of West Indies cricket is like?

JA: The standards in the West Indies are pretty low right now. I think our future depends a great deal on how quickly we can get the standards right across our game lifted a lot higher.

PP: What are your plans for the future?

JA: I am involved in private coaching projects which I hope to see grow in years ahead.


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