A mess

Whichever way Ian Bell in one of his “tour diaries” this was frankly a disastrous test match for England. And instead of “building as a team” or “gelling” which is most commonly referred to in those diaries England need to realise that they were a mess.

Monty Panesar will get a lot of blame for the loss; and to be honest he deserves it. He is a class spinner, with a lot of talent and ability and he should have taken a couple of wickets at least in the final innings on an Indian wicket.

He hasn’t been at his best at all recently. Fair enough he’s bowling to the world best batting line-up but Monty has proved he can perform on the big stage before so really there isn’t any reason why he can’t now. The obvious point is he needs more variation is his pace, flight etc.

But Monty might have taken more wickets if the Indian batsman had to attack more in their second innings. And its Kevein Pietesens fault that after all hell broke lose at the start with Sehwag the rest of the Indian batsman were allowed to stroll past the finish line. Sachin Tendulkar is a truly world class batsman but he shouldn’t have been allowed to have scored his runs with such ease had Pietersen declared earlier.

If India were put under pressure to go for either a draw or win then England might have taken a few more wickets with the Indian batsman indecisiveness and gaps could have been opened and England could have pushed on for the win.

England might take “positives”, in the words of an Ian Bell tour diary, but Pietersen needs to realise he made a mistake and face up to the fact that he’s playing the worlds best side, in their own back yard and he can’t make mistakes else England will be punished like they were today. I still don’t think Pietesen is a good captain, or will make a good captain to be honest. After all the hype at the end of the summer when England beat a tired and under-cooked South African side in a ODI series Pietersen should have realised he cant live on that early success and has to lead England from the front.



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2 responses to “A mess

  1. utp

    good to read the English version of it as well….and couldn’t agree more. Pietersen and the rest of the English team did get mesmerized by Sehwag and then Tendulkar’s greatness. The captain needs to step in and make changes to the routine…

    One cant help but remember Stephen Fleming in such situations…what a great captain…

    Long way to go for Pietersen but he is in the right direction…

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